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• Poly-cotton artist-grade canvas.
• Printed with latex ink.
• 1.25" depth.
• Finished backing with ready-to-hang attachment.

The canvas gallery wraps are different from traditional stretch canvas. The canvas wrap itself is perfectly placed to display the artwork without any warping, while on the back is a panel with an attached hanging hook.



• 300gsm thickness.
• Textured surface.
• 300dpi print quality.

The poster option is a nice premium material, thicker than mainstream poster paper found elsewhere. The premium satin poster paper is 300 GSM (grams per square meter), while typical mainstream printing paper or posters elsewhere hover around 60-120 GSM. The printed surface has a nice texture to it that does not hinder the visual quality of the artwork.



• 100% post-consumer recycled ChromaLuxe aluminum with a glossy surface.
• Dye-infused directly onto coated aluminum sheets.
• .5" off the wall when hung, for a floating appearance.

These metal prints are quite metal. Rounded corners help to avoid any scratches when handling. If you are a huge fan of heavy metal, that's great. If you are a fan of metal prints, even better.



• Artwork is printed onto Lexjet Lustre photo paper and fused to the acrylic.
• Aluminum Dibond backer.
• French cleat box/mount for hanging.

Introducing the most premium print option. The acrylic frame has a lot going on, from the photo paper print sandwiched onto the UV inhibiting acrylic panel, to the additional aluminum backing and the well-built hanging mount. Artwork resolution is absolutely the best out of all the current print options on Volitant Visuals.

Furthermore, packaging is very heavy-duty, to ensure no fractures occur during shipment. Give yourself a bit more time to unbox, as there are multiple parts to the packaging.

As an unknown saying goes, if you can't choose, and price is not a concern, choose "this one".




With the exception of the premium satin posters, all print options include hanging hooks, serrated hanging holes, or cleat boxes/mounts. They can be hung right out of the package.

However, if you have your own framing ideas, have at it! And, don't hesitate to share a photo. I would love to see how my buyers hang their newly acquired prints!