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VOL·​I·​TANT | \ ˈvälətənt, -lətənt also -lətᵊnt \

adjective: Able to fly. Flying. also: Moving about. [source: Merriam-Webster]





Welcome to Volitant Visuals. I am Paul Kim, and I sell my graphic aviation art here for all to enjoy. I am based in the state of Washington, in the Puget Sound area which is known for its aviation industry and history. Volitant Visuals is my outlet to showcase and sell my aviation art. This business is proudly American owned and operated, with artwork created in Washington, and print manufacturing conducted in Colorado. Please browse my artwork and I hope there is something to satisfy your interior decor needs. Thank you for visiting.



I start with a hand-drawn sketch or two. A lot of ideas go through this phase but few make it to the final render. When thinking of an idea for an artwork, I think about something that has a lot of dynamics with an aviation subject matter.

With a career in graphic design and marketing, designing titles and text on my artwork is something I like to do. It adds a different flair of style to work with on top of the artwork itself. It's not easy to meld the texts and artwork together, but the more challenging it is, the more exciting...and dare I say the results are far more interesting, too.

I love to focus on scenery or a good set of details and color, as I like to focus on art that captures your attention rather than simply filling an empty space on the wall. My art style is graphic art and graphic design, and even a combination of those two. We live in a world heavy of graphic design, oftentimes of the minimalist variety. While minimalism is not bad, I prefer a higher range of detail.



I started drawing at the age of 3. My earliest memory of drawing is sketching the large Ford trucks that drove around the neighborhood. During my elementary years, I would stay at my grandparents' farm afterschool, which resided 30 minutes south of SeaTac International Airport. I vividly remember seeing the loud and proud Boeing 747-100s rising into the sky, almost seemingly at an incredibly slow pace due to their size, and then banking west to head to Asia. They were so notoriously loud, but beautifully polished with their bare-metal liveries.

During the same time I also lived in close vicinity to the McChord Air Force base in the Tacoma area, which catered to the old C-141 Starlifters, C-130s, various fighter jets, and even the occasional B-2 Spirit. Seeing those B-2 bombers fly low overhead definitely startled me, for I had yet to realize a triangle could fly.

In high school, I took the flight program and studied advanced science and mathematics behind flight, along with a brief course in flight communications and the basics of flying a Cessna 172. During college, however, I studied automotive design as my interest was more in art and industrial design. While my pursuit in an automotive career ended, I had acquired quite a bit of skills, mostly self-taught, that assisted in an aviation industry occupation.

I joined the industry as a graphic designer and marketing manager for an airport ground operations company. Projects focused on marketing materials and branding assets, in addition to poster art to showcase the operations at each nationwide station.

For a very long time, I had struggled to find a way to sell my art, whether the issue was the artwork itself, the subject matter, or the challenges of starting up a business. Working on the marketing posters for my day job gave me the idea that I can create my own aviation art and sell them through my own business. After many months of preparations, field research, brainstorming and compiling artwork, Volitant Visuals was born.



LEFT: My original artwork.   RIGHT: Unauthorized stolen artwork example.

All of my artwork on Volitant Visuals is only available for purchase here. If sold anywhere else, it is an unauthorized upload or alteration for sale. If you have come across my artwork for sale elsewhere (oftentimes under a generic brand name out of China), please do not hesitate to contact me:, and provide at the very least a link of where you found it. As an incentive, you may be given a 15% discount code for your time.