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VOL·​I·​TANT | \ ˈvälətənt, -lətənt also -lətᵊnt \

adjective: Able to fly. Flying. also: Moving about. [source: Merriam-Webster]



We all have interests where every detail and aspect entertain or enlighten us. For some of us, it is aviation. My love of all things aviation, from the planes to the people, are what drives me to create my aviation art. By now, an aircraft flying through the air may seem as typical as a Starbucks at every corner, but for many avgeeks like you and me, we are still mystified by the powerful physics of an airplane lifting up into the stratosphere.

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The world of aviation is so vast and diverse, sometimes it is more than just the airplanes. Sometimes it is the people, the cultures, the visual styles and design of not only the aircraft, but the world with which they mingle, such as architecture of the airports, or the societal impacts they have affected with the world of travel that opened up throughout the decades. The history of aviation alone is incredible to experience. I hope that you, avgeek or not, will enjoy my art and find it a great option for your interior wall decor.


Photo taken at San Jose International Airport during the return of British Airways on June 13th, 2022.

Welcome to Volitant Visuals. My name is Paul Kim, artist behind the artwork. I am a graphic designer by trade, employed in the aviation industry with an International airport ground handling company. Volitant Visuals is my personal business to sell my aviation art to the world. I love rendering art that evokes scenery, story telling, something with humor, or just showing an awesome aircraft. Please check out my art in the main gallery here, or peruse the collections here, or use the search option to look for anything specific. Thanks for visiting.

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I started drawing at the age of 3. My earliest memory of drawing is sketching the large Ford trucks that drove around the neighborhood. During my elementary years, I would stay at my grandparents' farm afterschool, residing 30 minutes south of SeaTac International Airport. My first aviation memory is seeing the loud and proud Boeing 747s (pre-400 models) rising into the sky, almost seemingly at an incredibly slow pace due to their size, and then banking west to head to Asia. They were so notoriously loud, but beautifully polished with their bare-metal liveries.

During the same time I also lived in close vicinity to the McChord Air Force base in the Tacoma area, which catered to the old C-141 Starlifters, C-130s, various fighter jets, and even the occasional B-2 Spirit. Seeing those B-2 bombers fly low overhead left quite the lasting impression.

In high school, I took the flight program and studied advanced science and mathematics behind flight, along with a brief course in flight communications and the basics of flying a Cessna 172. Thru high school and college, I had a larger interest in automotive design and pursued a career in that field. While my pursuit in an automotive career ended due to financial limitations, I had acquired quite a bit of skills, mostly self-taught, that assisted in an aviation industry occupation.

I joined the industry as a graphic designer and marketing manager for an airport ground operations company. Projects focused on marketing materials, branding assets, and poster art to showcase the operations at each of the company's nationwide station. These days, my role has expanded beyond just design, and now includes general airport logistics and visual branding management on location at airports.

For a very long time, I considered many options in selling my art skills. Working on the marketing posters for my day job gave me the idea that I can create my own aviation art and sell them through my own business. After many months of preparations, field research, brainstorming and compiling artwork, Volitant Visuals was born.





You can also contact me via the messaging option on this website, or on my social pages such as Facebook or Instagram.