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You likely know the history of Rosie the Riveter. But it’s always interesting to think about every single rivet they hammered, every single airplane they worked on, and every single “Rosie” that contributed to the war effort. This detailed poster depicts a very tough Rosie with her signature tool, and the aircrafts she worked on to help the war effort of the 1940s. Just don’t ask her if she comes with the plane. You’ll wake up on the floor with a nasty black eye.

Artist's comment: Realistically rendering people using vector graphics isn't easy for me. This one took some effort to pull off. The character is not actually "Rosie", but my own take named Riley. The tools the riveters used ranged from the large one shown in the artwork, to smaller ones that looked kind of like power drills. I chose the larger one because why not (even though the bigger ones were used for shipbuilding, but don't tell anyone ;).


• This is Volitant Visuals' most high-end print option.

• .25" thick acrylic, art photo print, and Aluminum Dibond backing panel sandwiched together.

• Ready to hang with french cleat box.

• Packaged with extra care and protection to reduce damage during shipment.



• Metal is eco-friendly 100% post-consumer recycled ChromaLuxe aluminum surface.

• Print thickness is 0.045".

• Mount on the back with sawtooth hole for easy hanging.

• High gloss surface for detail and vibrance.


• 1.25" thickness.

• Artist-grade, poly cotton blend canvas material.

• High-density wood fiberboard and a sturdy frame.

• Black closeout panel for added rigidity.

• Built-in hanging tab, ready to hang.

• No risk of damage like stretch canvas.

• UV coated and scratch resistant.

• Printed and manufactured in the USA.


• 300GSM thickness.

• Slight surface texture so it's not so plain.

• More affordable than canvas, but without any sacrifice in print quality.

• Printed and manufactured in the USA.

Printed product does not have a watermark.


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