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$66.00 USD
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• 1.25" thickness.

• Artist-grade, poly cotton blend canvas material.

• High-density wood fiberboard and a sturdy frame.

• Black closeout panel for added rigidity.

• Built-in hanging tab, ready to hang.

• No risk of damage like stretch canvas.

• UV coated and scratch resistant.

• Printed and manufactured in the USA.


• 300GSM thickness.

• Slight surface texture so it's not so plain.

• More affordable than canvas, but without any sacrifice in print quality.

• Printed and manufactured in the USA.

Printed product does not have a watermark.


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The size of the largest turbofan engines, like on the Boeing 777, has shocked and amazed people of all ages. You've probably seen the photos of a guy with a cheesy grin standing next to one, or a flight attendant sitting on the cowling lip. They are like gentle giants that speak softly and carry a big stick.

Artist's comment: I had this silly design idea of people getting startled by the large size of modern turbofan engines. But, how to make it more "colorful"? Also, the engine is far larger than it would be, intended to capture that feeling of seeing them in person. Maybe you're seeing this art thinking it's funny, or you think I'm a big dork. Either way, here it is for those who like it...and a thorn on the side for those who don't.