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$66.00 USD
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• 1.25" thickness.

• Artist-grade, poly cotton blend canvas material.

• High-density wood fiberboard and a sturdy frame.

• Black closeout panel for added rigidity.

• Built-in hanging tab, ready to hang.

• No risk of damage like stretch canvas.

• UV coated and scratch resistant.

• Printed and manufactured in the USA.


• 300GSM thickness.

• Slight surface texture so it's not so plain.

• More affordable than canvas, but without any sacrifice in print quality.

• Printed and manufactured in the USA.

Printed product does not have a watermark.


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We all dream of flying faster, such as a 2-hour trip from New York to London. While the old Concorde may have been retired, mankind has a lust to aim higher. It should be no surprise if we find a way to surpass the thresholds holding back mainstream supersonic flight. Until then, enjoy this art printed on canvas showcasing the most iconic supersonic airliner flying high, very high above our sacred blue ball we call Earth.

Artist's Comment: While minimalist art trends would show the concord from a dead-on front, side or an aerial view, I preferred a more dramatic three-dimensional angle. Not easy to fit the speedy girl onto a portrait layout. Upon some heavy photo research, I chose a dramatic shot showing the pointy nose and wings at the far back. And, if you look closely, you can see the Mach meter in the letter O.